Shaler Area Majorettes

Shaler Area Majorettes

Directed by: Ryan Kinzler

Competing in the Baton Scholastic A - Baton classification.

Number of Performers: 7

Shaler Area Majorettes Accolades
The Shaler Area Majorettes, comprised of 8 teammates including seniors Emily Reinsfelder, Lacey Fedak, and captain Lilianna Repko. The team performs at school related sporting events such as football and basketball games, parades, and competitions throughout their season.

In a few short weeks, they will be traveling to Virginia Beach with the Titan Marching Band to perform their show. The Majorettes are proud to present their show, Dirty Bit.


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Shaler Area Majorettes Registered Events

Penn TraffordFeb 22, 2020
Golden Triangles at East AlleghenyMar 21, 2020

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Golden Triangles at Penn Trafford 67.86 1 SA Mar 23, 2019
Gateway 69.25 1 SA Mar 16, 2019
Top Hats 65.70 1 SRA Mar 25, 2017
Golden Triangles at EA 60.41 1 SRA Mar 18, 2017
North Allegheny HS 59.66 1 SA Feb 13, 2016
Golden Triangles at East Allegheny HS 73.09 1 SA Mar 22, 2014