TRWEA Championships at Top Hats

Apr 6, 2013

Unit Information Packets will be in the Director's Secured Area when they become available.

The entry deadline for this event is Nov 30, 2012.

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Hempfield HS

The contest manager for this event is Paula Sikorski -

Unit Information Packets will be in the Director's Secured Area when they become available.

Unit Type Class
Deer Lakes Middle SchoolGuardMS
Gateway Middle SchoolGuardMS
Jeannette Middle SchoolGuardMS
Mt Lebanon High SchoolGuardMS
Norwin Middle SchoolGuardMS
Penn Trafford Color GuardGuardMS
Blackhawk High School WinterguardGuardSRA
BVAHS WinterguardGuardSRA
Greater Latrobe WildcatsGuardSRA
Jeannette WinterguardGuardSRA
Kiski Area SRAGuardSRA
Mars Area WinterguardGuardSRA
Quaker Valley High School WinterguardGuardSRA
Woodland Hills Visual EnsembleGuardSRA
Exquisite Performance EnsembleGuardIRA
Slippery Rock University Winter GuardGuardIRA
Tomcat Winterguard of Thiel CollegeGuardIRA
Top Hats AGuardIRA
Deer Lakes High SchoolGuardSA
Gateway HSGuardSA
Kiski Area High School GuardSA
Mt Lebanon High SchoolGuardSA
North Allegheny WinterguardGuardSA
Norwin HSGuardSA
Penn Trafford High School Color GuardGuardSA
Lake Erie RegimentGuardIA
Pittsburgh Performance ProjectGuardIA
Top HatsGuardIO
Norwin HSGuardSW
The Golden Triangle Performance EnsembleGuardIW
Kiski Percussion OpenPercussionPSCO
Kiski Percussion WorldPercussionPSCW
Blackhawk Indoor PercussionPercussionPSRA
Gateway PercussionPercussionPSA
Mars Area Indoor PercussionPercussionPSA
North Allegheny IndoorPercussionPSA
Penn Trafford High School PercussionPercussionPSA
Three Rivers Indoor PercussionPercussionPIA
New Horizons Shooting StarsBatonIN
Twirl Legacy Junior TeamBatonIN
New Horizons Majorettes by Jamie and KairyBatonSN
New Horizons All StarsBatonIRA
Twirl Legacy Preteen TeamBatonIRA
Thomas Jefferson WinterguardBatonSRA
Junior Young AmericansBatonIA
New Horizons Rising StarsBatonIA
Twirl Legacy Senior TeamBatonIO
N R G DanceSA