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Welcome 2024

THE TRWEA Web Experience

The TRWEA website is jam packed with useful and interactive features. 

Social Media & Text Notifications
Perhaps one of the most useful tools provided by the new website is a seamless integration with social media. Every time an update is made to the TRWEA website a notification will automatically be posted on both TWITTER and our FACEBOOK group. As the site will now be updated more frequently this becomes increasingly useful when used in tandem with the mobile notifications features of either social media networks. By signing up for direct text notifications from either service on show days when there is a delay or pertinent information needs to be sent out, it will be posted on the website which will immediately send a text to your phone. 

Member Photos
Right off the bat you'll notice each time you load the page you'll see different photos of TRWEA members in action. If you have a great photo of your TRWEA members submit them to the webmaster for consideration to be added to the site. It is a great way to show the world how wonderful our membership looks!

Member Profiles
In addition to tons of photos, each member unit will have their own member page where they can upload photos, as well as post show descriptions, accolades, staff, and pretty much anything you want to share with TRWEA and the rest of the world! Check out the Deer Lakes member page to get an idea of the things you'll be able to learn about TRWEA members. If you are a unit director, as soon as you register for the 2024 season you'll be able to modify all of this information yourself. 

TRWEA Members Area
For each unit you register you'll be able to see all the information TRWEA has about your group(s) and make changes when necessary. You'll also be notified of any information we're missing before the start of each season, such as dues payment.

TRWEA Correspondence
Through the use of the new website, TRWEA membership will no longer communicate through mass emails from the Executive Director. Gone are the days of receiving emails that are not relevant to you or your unit. When new units are registered through the site they'll provide two email addresses. Then when something arises that we need to email you about only those two email addresses will receive the email. If your unit is not participating in the event the email refers to, we won't even send it to you. You will only receive emails that are relevant to your unit(s).

Online Judges Evaluation Completion
With the new site you'll be able to complete your judges / site evaluations right from the TRWEA Members Area. You'll also see which evaluations you have yet to complete so that you don't miss the deadline before the end of the season. They'll be completed through a web form and be more accessible.